Member Spotlight: Aaron Petz


Aaron Petz

“Changing your perspective on how you perceive things, is how you teach your children emotional growth.”

What do you do and what led you to this career?

I’m primarily an ECD (Executive Creative Director), aka a commercial artist. I started my career in music as a kid doing underground record promotion and throwing shows, then eventually pivoted into the art side of things. I’ve always been an artist, but initially didn’t realize that you could make a living at it. So, I didn't formally pursue it in a meaningful way until my late teens. Finally, I realized I needed to do what I love no matter the outcome.

What is the name and age of your kids?

Ameelie (9), Indi (7) Lulu (4.5)

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a father?

I joke all the time and tell people that, “the best part of parenting is that children actually think you know magic.” However, if i’m being honest, I’m inspired by growth. I like seeing how they change and evolve and how I have the ability (even if it’s just a tiny bit) to steer them in a positive direction. Everything from riding a bike, meeting new friends, or traveling to a foreign country has a new beginning and sharing in that growth is really meaningful.

And what is the most challenging?

I’m sure there will be a million of the same answers on here: no sleep, no personal time, cooking a million times a day, 5 people in one bed, stepping on a lego... all the normal day to day stuff. It’s just superficially hard though, I’m confident those minor scrapes will heal.

What has been your greatest career achievement thus far?

Probably selling an Advertising Agency in my early thirties. Although, now I travel around the world with my family, and really think the advantages of this lifestyle is much more rewarding, albeit not professional.

What is your best advice for someone new to your industry?

I think if you work hard, understand your role, and are always kind to people you will go very far.

Work hard: Meaning - do the things that others are not willing to do and be positive about it.

Understand your role: When you’re young, you don't always have the perspective your leadership might. Even if you don't agree with it - move forward with their approach and then dig deep to offer new perspectives of your own. Always be kind: Simple enough, people like to work with cool people who are professional, if you’re kind you tend to win more business.

What is your best advice for a new dad?

Everything is a ‘you’ thing. When you’re mad because your kids are being wild, that’s a ‘you’ thing. When you are frustrated because you’re late for an activity - that’s a ‘you’ thing. Changing your perspective on how YOU perceive things, is how you teach your children emotional growth. It’s hard, but when you practice that, you regain your ability to design a lifestyle that is more rewarding for everyone.

What is your current favorite activity with your kids

I like really simple things (mostly because it lets us connect better). Digging holes in nature. Trying to identify different species of things, and of course we paint, sculpt, and build a lot of stuff in our home. #artistsforthewin

Lyrics to live by:

There is no life I know, to compare with pure imagination.

Living there, you'll be free, if you truly wish to be. — Willy Wonka

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